Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sire Ma (馬賽) lesbian relationship news

We have written before about Sire Ma's (馬賽) lesbian relationship with mainland Chinese film producer Wang Ziqi (汪子琦). The couple was seen kissing on the streets of Shanghai. As if a woman cannot have lesbian relationship, Hong Kong media such as continues to call the relationship as Sire Ma (馬賽) lesbian scandal. Scandal is a stupid name given to this incident by close-minded people. Scandal is maybe something like cheating, getting caught nude or leak video in "action". A relationship is not a scandal even it is a homosexual one. I wish Hong Kong media some way to bring their mind to 2013, a year many countries have started to accept and legalized homosexual marriages yet alone accepting a homosexual relationship.

According to,  Sire Ma's career is at risk as TVB asked her to take two months rest and vendors dropped her from promotional events. Also Wang Ziqi’s ex-girlfriend, Laura Lee, claims Sire stole her lover:

American-Chinese entrepreneur Laura Lee, Wang Ziqi’s business partner, claims to date her fot one year before Sire Ma started to date her:

 “Sire Ma lied to me. She told me she was going to Chongqing to visit her mother. When I returned to Shanghai, I discovered that Wang Ziqi changed all of her passwords in her phone. She constantly received WeChat messages, and they were all from Sire Ma.”

Laura confronted the pair in a coffee shop in Hong Kong. Sire admitted that she has been dating Ziqi since September. “She also told me that Wang Ziqi was happier with her and demanded me to back out. She said Wang Ziqi didn’t love me and being together would be useless. I was beyond embarrassed.”
Source : Sire Ma Was in a Lesbian Love Triangle

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