Saturday, October 26, 2013

7.3 Japan earthquake offshore Fukushima

10 at around 2:00 am on the 26th, Fukushima Prefecture has Earthquake in the offing, the prefecture Koriyama and Miyagi Prefecture Ishinomaki , Mito City , Tochigi Prefecture Moka to observe the shaking of seismic intensity 4 in the 14 municipalities of four provinces, such as However, Hokkaido were recorded seismic intensity 3 in a wide range of Tokai from. Japan Meteorological Agency According to the depth of the epicenter about 10 km, indicating the scale of earthquake magnitude at 7.1 (M), the Great East Japan Earthquake is seen as aftershocks.

Japan Meteorological Agency in 14 minutes 2:00 am to 4 minutes after the earthquake, the Fukushima Prefecture announced a tsunami advisory in but, Iwate Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture warning to such as the 50 minutes was the 2:00 of 40 minutes after the occurrence was. The actual tsunami, Iwate Prefecture Ofunato was observed in 54 minutes the 2:00 the first wave.

JMA According to initially seismometer from swinging width of the maximum magnitude since it was estimated to be (M) 6.8, tsunami Fukushima was seen only with but, M7 when calculated on the basis of the magnitude of the fault is shifted, It was as high as 1. There was a margin of tsunami to reach distant epicenter, that it has expanded the scope of the warning after scrutiny.

After you have changed to encourage the evacuation in a concise representation of how the announcement tsunami prediction in March this year, it was warning the first time.

Keiji Doi, earthquake prediction information manager said, "it was time for the arrival of the tsunami, but must be checked for the timing of the announcement" he said.

Tohoku "When. tsunami was slow is assumed, and to expand the scope to those who examined the improvement of the method for estimating the scale of the earthquake is good," said (tsunami engineering) Imamura Fumihiko professor of disaster science International Institute talking.

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