Thursday, October 31, 2013

Flights to Chiang Mai, Lombok, Langkawi and Lijiang from Singapore by Tigerair

Tigerair is flying to Lijiang (3 times every fortnight), Chiang Mai and Langkawi (4 times weekly) as well as Lombok (3 times weekly) from Singapore starting on 29 October 2013 in conjunction with its 9th  birthday celebrations this month.

Together, these four destinations comprise a rich palette of heritage sites and natural attractions that promise to charm even the most seasoned travellers. Take for example, the 800-year old city of Lijiang located in Yunnan Province, China. Lijiang is home to the enchanting Old Town, China’s most well-preserved ancient town which is today, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has also earned a reputation for its breathtaking snow mountains and crystal clear streams that add to the city’s splendor.

Chiang Mai is another historic city that boasts a diverse blend of deep Thai traditions and popular culture which charms over five million visitors each year. Chiang Mai’s natural beauty has also garnered it a spot as one of Trip Advisor’s ‘25 Best Destinations in the World’ to visit for 2013.

Langkawi offers its visitors many opportunities to explore its natural, picturesque landscapes, and provides for a variety of activities for travellers to indulge at their own pace and budget with its wide range of resorts, golf courses, hotels and backpacking accommodation options.

Located two-and-a-half hours by air from Singapore, Lombok, otherwise known as the ‘unspoiled Bali’, has become a welcome respite for busy city dwellers attracted to its well-preserved and uncrowded environment, including the beautiful white sand beaches of Kuta, surfing and scuba diving hot spots in the south, as well as attractions such as Narmada Park and Mayura Park.

“History and nature together play a big role in re-enchanting the seasoned cosmopolitan traveller,” said Mr Alexander Knigge, Chief Commercial Officer at Tigerair, “Our latest offering of four new destinations combines both of these elements particularly well, and stirs the traveller’s imagination. I’m confident that our
customers will discover something uniquely special for themselves in one of these offerings, for a truly memorable experience.”

Concurrently, Tigerair will also be increasing the frequency of its Surabaya-bound flights from seven to 13 times weekly starting 15 November 2013. 

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