Thursday, October 3, 2013

Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show in Singapore

Favorite Disney characters will be in Singapore for Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show starting from 26 November for a limited season. The show at Mastercard Theatres Marine Bay Sands will feature special magic from Disney films: Cinderella’s rags turn into a beautiful ball gown in a split second; Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine levitates into the air; and the enchanted dancing brooms in Fantasia help sweep Minnie off her feet. The Master Magician is of course the mighty Mickey Mouse. He will perform astonishing illusions along with Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter, and professional illusionist Zak Williams. The magic is complimented by appearances from Disney princesses Belle and Snow White and Mickey’s
pals from Toontown — Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy.

“This one-of-a-kind show gives parents and children the power to see magic everywhere,” says Kenneth Feld, producer of the Disney Live! shows and producer of the most successful live illusion show of all time, Siegfried & Roy. “We take them on an inspirational journey with the Disney characters where they learn to find the magic within and all around them. At the same time, families will see world class illusions that will truly take their breath away."

Mickey’s Magic Show will give children an unforgettable experience as magician’s helpers in Disney Live! presents Mickey’s Magic Show. The Show will run from 26 November 2013 to 1 December 2013. VIP tickets are priced for $115 and A Reserve prices are $85. B Reserve, C Reserve and D Reserve prices are $65, $55 and $35 respectively.

The show will run from Tuesday to Sunday for only one week so do not miss it.

Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show in Singapore

Source : Favorite Disney Characters and World Class Illusions Combine in Disney Live! presents Mickey’s Magic Show

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