Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cheap business and first class flights to Asia by Fly Business Cheap

Flying business or first class doesn't mean that you will pay the most expensive air fares. There are some places where you can find cheapest international first and business class flights on the web. One of them, has just announced luxury airfare savings currently going on until early December. All business and first class fares to Asia such as flights to Russia, Hong Kong, India, Turkey, Singapore, Qatar, and any other country that resides on the Asian continent are being heavily discounted.

Thailand is unarguably the tourism capital of South East Asia and offers something for every taste and budget from backpackers to billionaire travelers. For those in the higher budget end or eyeing to enjoy business or first class flight to Thailand as once in a lifetime experience,'s current offering prices business class airfares to Thailand begin at only $3,467.

Most people don’t usually think of Israel and Asia in the same thought process although Israel is technically located in Asia. Fly Business Cheap includes Israel in their special seasonal promotion. Full of historical significance throughout, incorporating both ancient and modern frills to make for an overall captivating environment, Israel’s official capital of Jerusalem is a very old city where one can even find traces of the Ottoman Empire; the capital is considered sacred to Jews, Christians, and the people of Islam. Also a popular sight to see is the Dead Sea, with its shores at the lowest elevation in the world; it is recognized as one of the saltiest seas in the world causing swimmers to float like buoys. A voyage to Israel in luxury with business class fares starting at only $3,352.

Nothing could quite possibly compare to trekking across a country that covers two continents; if time allowed it, one could explore such a country for months at a time without ever coming close to discovering all of its hidden treasures. This country is Russia, and it is the largest nation in the world, characterized by glacier capped mountains, historical artifacts, and vast cities that ripple with culture. In this country one can explore Moscow, gazing at 15th century cathedrals before boarding the Trans-Siberian Railway (part of the longest railway system in the world) to make a stop at the oldest lake in the world, Lake Baikal. There is absolutely nothing that this country has a shortage of; the only thing that could possibly fall short is the amount of time someone can allot to exploring this giant nation. Visit the largest country in the world and get there in comfort with business class flights to Russia that start at just $2,984.

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