Sunday, January 1, 2017

Craft Beer in Singapore - The Good Beer Company

One of the best places to drink craft beers in Singapore is interestingly in a hawker centre in Chinatown. The Chinatown Complex hawker center is quite a well known place in Singapore but in a relatively difficult to find corner of it you will find The Good Beer Company, a stall which brings in a range of great beers and ciders from brands never previously seen in hawker centres. You can also find some very nice Asian brands here and the bonus is that you can drink your craft beer with hawker center food!

Whenever I go to Chinatown (which is usually to bring a guest to visit Chinatown), I try to visit this stall. The Good Beer Company is not very easy to find in this large and complex hawker center but don't give up. The beer is certainly worth the find! Since it is in a hawker center, you will sit in a standard hawker center table but this also means that the imported, craft beer you drink is relatively cheaper compared to your usual restaurant or bar. Unlike many people, I am a fan of fruit beer and Taiwanese (NTW) Lychee Beer (which is sometimes available in supermarkets) is a must try and you would probably like it even if you are not a fan of fruit beer. Anyway, the stall has really great selection and if you are not sure what you should try, ask the uncle : he will make great recommendations.

Craft Beer in Singapore - The Good Beer Company
Located in Chinatown Complex hawker center, The Good Beer Company offers nice selection of craft beer with reasonable prices
The Good Beer Company is at #02-58 Chinatown Complex, 335 Smith Street, 050335.

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