Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dapper Coffee of Singapore Bottled Unicorn Tears

Local cafe Dapper Coffee's new creation "Unicorn Tears" has been a recent social media buzz after Cosmopolitan featured it in an article named "Someone Bottled Unicorn Tears Into a Drink and It's Magical AF". The non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic mystery drink is supposedly sweet and tastes faintly of lemon according to Cosmopolitan.

3 years old Dapper Coffee doesn’t reveal exactly what the bottled stuff is made out of, insisting that it’s “100% tears of joy" from “Sparkles,” their pure-bred Mongolian Unicorn. Although bottled Unicorn Tears does not actually contain alcohol, most people say it tastes like a cocktail mixer.

You can buy Unicorn Tears online at Dapper Coffee product page but unless you order $120 or pay $15 delivery service, it requires self collection. The cafe is at 73 Amoy Street, Second Floor (Above Alati Restaurant)

Unicorn Tears seems to be a runaway success in social media and became a sort of international buzz. According to Singapore's AsiaOne, since the Cosmopolitan article, Dapper Coffee owner Christine Seah has received a slew of e-mails from curious netizens from countries like Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, US and UK asking for a taste.
Miss Seah, 25, told The New Paper: "I'm overwhelmed by the overnight reaction. One day I woke up to 400 new followers on our Instagram page and many e-mails from around the world. "We were already targeting to distribute it overseas in March but now we are making it our top priority."
Source : AsiaOne
Dapper Coffee of Singapore Bottled Unicorn Tears
Dapper Coffee defines Unicorn Tears as "pure tears of joy from Sparkles, our pure bred Mongolian Unicorn"
The café makes it fresh daily, and their website says it's "Pure tears of joy from Sparkles, our pure bred Mongolian Unicorn." 
Regardless of not knowing what's actually in it — as much as I'd like to believe unicorns are real and they cry sparkly blue tears, I'm a little skeptical — people on social media are really into Unicorn Tears. 
In a live taste-test on Clicknetwork — a Singapore TV network Facebook page — people described the drink as smelling and tasting like lemon, and that it's very sweet. Others who have tried it on Instagram say it's sweet, and some even say that it tastes like a cocktail, even though it's non-alcoholic.
Source : Cosmopolitan

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