Friday, August 5, 2011

1-Altitude Rooftop Bar: Best view of Singapore

From where can you have the best view of Singapore? Of course from the highest point in Singapore. One of the highest 3 rooftops of Singapore has the best Singapore rooftop. I am talking about 1-Altitude, the alfresco bar on the top of UOB Building which is around 282 meters above sea level with 360 degrees fantastic view of Singapore and beyond. This is the highest a building can get in Singapore due to the proximity of every point in the island to the Changi Airport. So there is currently no higher point than these and even the observation deck on the Marina Bay Sands is down 80 meters.

I have first been to 1-Altitude accidentally. My company had an event 2 stories below at 282 and City Golf on Level 61 and I wanted to go up and check the view.  Normally there is an entrance fee with 1 free drink after 6 pm.  But the entrance is free for the customers of Stellar Fine dining restaurant and 282 Lifestyle. So I had a chance to discover this great place. From then whenever a friend came to visit Singapore, this has been the destination for me to take them to show Singapore from above. I prefer to go at the opening hour, 06:00 PM and stay there until it gets crowded at around 22:00. So I have a chance to enjoy the stellar view with sunlight as well as city lights of the night.

The place is at UOB Building which is just next to the exits of Raffles Place MRT Station. If you want to go there make sure that it is not rainy because the rooftop is closed in rainy days and thunder storms for safety reason. Their web site has a weather forecast on the top left corner you can check it before going there. They also do not allow slippers and shorts. But we have been there with jeans and t-shirts and it was perfectly fine (although a little less smart casual than the major audience). As I have said if you go late at 22:00+ and weekend expect a long queue. I think you can bypass the queue if you are a customer of Stellar or 282. They also let you to take kids up (they did not charge anything for 2 years old son of one of my friends) but be sure to go early if you have kid since it gets very crowded later.

A fast rising lift will take you up to 62nd floor and from there another lift will take you one story more. The drinks are OK, I usually go for beer so I cannot comment on the usual stuff. And honestly up to now, I have not drank anything other than the complementary first drink so I am not sure about the prices. But CNNGo recently chose this place as the best rooftop bar of Singapore and they advise “Chocolate Sidecar (cognac, lemon juice and creme de cacao)” which is sold for S$16. This is a very reasonable price since they charge nearly same on the ground in Clarke Quay.

The real deal of this rooftop bar is the view of course. The UOB Building has a triangle shaped cross-section so the roof offers a better view than a normal rectangular building. As you can see from the below image, it is at a higher point than the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park. Actually since I have discovered 1-Altitude, I have not brought any visitor to the Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck. 1-Altitude has a better view, it is a bar so it offers better entertainment and music, and with the entrance fee of 25 SGD (30 SGD after 21:00) you have a free drink which is not available in the Sands SkyPark. 

1-Altitude (at the top of Raffles One Skyscraper)
As i have said, the rooftop gallery has triangular shape. Compared to common rectangular shape it offers greater angle of view from one of the highest rooftop through all directions. If you are coming for the view, come at the opening hour of 6 AM to have both daylight and night light experience of Singapore.

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