Saturday, August 13, 2011

Save Water In Singapore

In Singapore's hot and humid environment, we need to shower more, drink more, flush more and wash our clothes more compared to a cooler country. I shower minimum 2 times and sometimes 3 times a day. Many do so so it is not surprising to see that most water in a typical household is used for shower. According to PUB, 29% of water is used in shower while kitchen sink sucks %22, laundry %19 and flushing 16%. If you are serious about saving water (you should be both to save more money and efficiently use our hard produced clean water) you need to start with the highest water using habit.

Here is how to save water in Singapore:

Fix leaking tabs and pipes. You can fix pipes and tabs so that you do not pay for water leaking out with no use. You can call a plumper but it is easy to fix your tab on your own. Consult to Mr. Google for instructions.

Take shorter showers. This can be done by keeping shower under 5 minutes and turn off the tab while soaping. Let go the habits which keeps you more under shower like brushing your teeth while showering. Also get used to shower by plain tab water temperature. This dies not only saves electricity, it also keeps your tab less open by eliminating the time you wait for the hot water.

Wash vegetables and dishes in a filled sink, instead of washing them under running water.

Breakdown of water usage by activity
Install water saving devices such as thimbles. You may be visited by PUB to install water saving devices such as thimbles some time in the future thanks to Water Efficient Homes (WEH) programme ran since 2003 but you do not have to wait for them. You can buy and install thimbles on your own. Here is a link to see how to install thimble.

Reduce the water flushed away by a bottle helper. To reduce the amount of water you flush away, fill a 500ml bottle and put it in your cistern. Make sure the bottle touches the floor of the cistern. But don’t let it touch the cistern’s mechanism. But be careful while doing that. If you overdo saving on the water flushed away you will end up double flushing to remove the dirt which will make you use more water.

Do not defrost by running water. Many defrost meat under running water and waste a lot of water. You should defrost meat by putting it in the refrigerator overnight and avoid water defrost.

More tips can be found in PUB 's 10 litres challenge hand book.  Small changes in the water usage habits can easily save at least 10 litres of water per day. This handbook is prepared in both English and Bahasa Indonesian since many households have maids who uses the water on their behalf. Read it, make your maid read it also.

The Water Saving Handbook - Buku Panduan Penghematan Air


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