Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jetstar Airways

I have travelled from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City and back to Singapore on two Jetstar Asia Airways flights last week and I would like to comment on this Australian low-cost carrier. I have obviously chosen this airlines due to its cheap price and good public image. I have paid 200 Singapore Dollars for a round trip. Jetstar Asia Airways also departs from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1, unlike its only low-cost competitor on Singapore-Ho Chi Minh City route, Tiger Airways which departs from Budget Terminal. 2 years ago I had a bad experience with a rude ground staff in Changi Budget Terminal and since then I stopped using there and Tiger Airways.

The no-frills flights and the service was OK. For a 1 hour 40 minutes flight you only need a seat and a plane taking off and landing on time and a decent service. For all extras you have to pay but the prices are not unreasonable. I paid 15 Singapore Dollars for 20 kg check-in luggage (10 Kg of hand carry is free) and 4 Singapore Dollars for seat selection. Food and beverage are reasonable priced and food is delicious. I paid 8 Dollars for a beef-rice and 6 SGD for a beer. Overall good value to price ratio.

Jetstar Airways A330

And some news for you, if you are looking for cheap flight alternatives on  Singapore-Beijing, Singapore-Melbourne or Singapore-Auckland routes. Jetstar also operates long-haul budget flights from Singapore to Melbourne and Auckland on Airbus 330 (it takes approximately twice the number of passengers compared to 180 people capacity of Airbus 320, the typical work horse of Jetstar). By November 2011, Jetstar will add a Singapore Beijing low-cost, long-haul flight. According to Jetstar, economy seats on these A330s will be 78 cm, comparable to seats on full service carriers such as Qantas and Singapore Airlines flying the same type of aircraft. So if you are looking for cheap Singapore-Beijing, Singapore-Melbourne or Singapore-Auckland flight, Jetstar offers an alternative to look at. These flights comes with in flight hot meals and beverages, in-flight entertainment units for extra 15 SGD. Jetstar has recently added the fifth additional Airbus A330 to its fleet and it is planning to compete Air Asia X on the low-cost Australia to Europe market. Great to have another low-cost alternative to fly to Europe from Singapore!

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