Saturday, August 13, 2011

Small Clean Singapore Budget Hotel - Aqueen Hotel Balestier Singapore

Today I have visited a friend who is here for 2 months for business. I have visited him in his hotel lobby. His boss is a little stingy so I was curious about the hotel. Was it good? Well surprisingly he has found a relatively cheap and a good hotel in Singapore, a rare thing to find nowadays. My friend stayed in this hotel, Aqueen Hotel Balestier for the last 1 months and he was very comfortable to stay there. The price he pays is 113 SGD per day for a single bed room and 128 SGD per day for double bed room. This is the normal single day stay price, not a discounted price given to a long stay. When I was there a lady came and asked for a room and the receptionist gave these prices to her. So if you are looking for a cheap long term stay hotel room in Singapore, you should consider this small budget hotel.

The hotel is on Balestier Road is in the central area of Singapore, located in Novena and Kallang. There are rows of shop houses and I currently see a higher density of newly constructed or underconstruction condominium units.  Balestier Road is known for food and it is also known for the budget hotels lining across the road.

Aqueen Hotel Balestier is a small and clean hotel for budget travellers. My friend told me that he is very comfortable with the room, bed and internet. The hotel provide free and high speed Wi-Fi. This is good because many hotels charge you for internet. He said the only issue is the size of the room, a very small room which has nearly no extra spaces around its double bed. There is a small table provided with a short sitting but it is not comfortable so he prefers to work on the bed. Other than that it is quite OK.

Small Clean Budget Hotel - Aqueen Hotel Balestier
Aqueen Hotel Balestier is a small budget hotel in Singapore.
The hotel is not within walking distance of any MRT station, which is actually one of the reasons why it is cheap. On the other hand this is not a big issue since it is 10 minutes away from Novena MRT Station by bus which you can take in front of the hotel. Novena MRT Station is 2 stations away from Orchard Road and 5 stations away from central business district so in my opinion the location is good and central and worth the price.

The hotel does not have a cafeteria or restaurant and no breakfast but it is just opposite to Balestier Plaza and near some nice restaurants so eating is not a problem. 

Aqueen Hotel Balestier Singapore is in fact a hotel of Aqueen Hotels chain in Singapore. The other hotels of the group are Aqueen Hotel Lavender and Aqueen Hotel Jalan Besar in Kallang area.


  1. Hi, I don't think it's sgd113 per month. I've just checked the website. It cost abt sgd99+ per day. My friend is coming to stay in sg for 3 weeks. It will cost him about sgd2k+.. Are you sure your friend gave you the right rate?

  2. Hi Luvgreen,

    Thank you for highlighting this. I have written 113 SGD per month accidentally. It is 113 SGD per day indeed!

    He paid 113 SGD per day for 5 weeks stay at that time.

  3. Hey, no worries :) Thanks for confirming too! hehehe..