Monday, August 15, 2011

A VIP Bus Trip From Bangkok To Phuket

A while ago, I was on holiday in Thailand and our plan was to stay in Bangkok for 4 days and then go to Phuket to spend 4 more days there before taking our flight from Phuket to Bangkok. Original plan was to fly from Bangkok to Phuket and buy the ticket while we were in Bangkok. But when there, I have decided that I want to see the rural Thailand from the window of its famous first class train compartment!

Well, let me tell the main message of this article before you read the rest. If you want to go from Bangkok to Phuket, just fly the route. There is not so much to see on the way. If you will not fly take a public train from Bangkok.

The rest of the post is moved to : A VIP Travel By Bus From Bangkok To Phuket

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