Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why I love the The Singapore Zoo?

If I had only one day to spend in Singapore I would go to Singapore Zoo in that day. It is a great place to spend some time with family on holiday, kids would love it and even if you are neither married nor a kid, you would also love it. Singapore Zoo  is one of the world’s first zoos with an open concept, where animals are not found in conventional cages, but rather in protected and landscaped environments, as close to their natural habitats as possible, with the maximum security for visitors too. I’ve been there umpteen times as a young child in primary school; the trainers really made our zoology and botany lessons come alive!

The Singapore Zoo boasts a massive 28 hectares land area, consisting of more than 300 species of animals. You can have the unique opportunity to view animals from all over the world – the Sumatran Orangutan, the Asian Elephants, the African Hunting Dog to the California Sea Lion and the Australian Emu. The Singapore Zoo is an excellent place to introduce your little ones to the magical world of animals, and teach them about the importance of conservation. There are various feeding times for each exhibit and you can plan your schedule around those. These feedings, with live commentary by the very knowledgeable trainers, provide visitors with a chance to learn more about the animals first-hand. I know that I was fascinated by the live feedings as a child, and still am!

White Tigers in Singapore Zoo
You could also join the Orang Utans at the Singapore Zoological Gardens for a unique breakfast treat-how often can you say you’ve had breakfast with beings as charismatic as them? You can take pictures with the Orang Utans while getting a glimpse of the Asian Elephants taking their morning bath and perhaps even feed them! Be sure to check out the Elephants of Asia exhibits and you may get a chance to ride on them. I highly recommend the “Splash Safari” show in the Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre that showcases various marine animals such as the jackass penguins, Californian sea lion, Caribbean manatees and the pelicans. You will also have a great opportunity to learn about coastal conservation and about the impacts of marine pollution on these beautiful beings. I strongly believe that children learnt best by experience, and what better way is there than to let them interact with these lovely creatures in a protected environment?

 Many thanks to guest writer Shraddha.

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  1. My favorites are white tigers and the baboons. Baboons are very fun to watch. I have seen a live polar bear and penguin first time in Singapore! Quite strange to have this experience in tropics.