Sunday, August 14, 2011

Singapore Flight Simulations

We have previously written about the Flight Experience Singapore, unique experience of being in a Boeing 737 cockpit. There is one more company offering flight simulations in the town, in Orchard Central, it's name is SG Flight Simulations. The company offers customer to be the captain of an Airbus A320 and fly from busy Changi to challenging Kai Tak, from deserts to the tropics. There will be a flight instructor with you while you are "flying" and the experience appeals to enthusiastic amateurs as well as professional pilots.

The simulator, Airbus 320 Training Device, is a replica of one of the most common and successful aircraft of the aviation history, Airbus A320-200. The device, which is developed primarily for entertainment, is fixed-based (do not have hydraulics to bend the device while flying) but it offers 180-degrees round visual system with 3 projector setups. There is a room for extra passenger in the back of the simulator to watch you while you are flying.

30 minutes flight simulation package, which allows you to fly around an airport, basic controlling, take-off and manual landing, is priced $69.50 while a 90 minutes flight, which allows you to have full control of the aircraft while testing your jet airliner flying skills, will cost you $195. With extra $20, you can record your flight on a DVD.

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