Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cheap flights tickets from Singapore

With the boom in low cost carriers in South East Asia, we are currently spoiled with cheap flights tickets options from Singapore. Thanks to them and budget hotels, flying to nearby tourist attractions like Bali, Phuket, Bangkok, etc. from Singapore for a long 3 day weekend is not a big blow in our budget and something we started to do occasionally.

Below we have summarized the airlines and web sites offering cheap flight tickets from Singapore.


AirAsia, world's low cost airline, offers promotional flights from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and many other countries in their web site. Just select the country and language from the drop down menu in their web site and you will be directed to localized page displaying flight deals from that country.

Tiger Airways

Tiger Airways Singapore, is a low-cost airline headquartered in Singapore. The airline regularly announces Latest flight deals departing from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, Bangladesh and India in their web site. Just select the country and language from the drop down menu in their web site and you will be directed to localized page displaying flight deals from that country.

 Tiger Airways also has an airline privilege program named Stripes which enables the Stripes members to book promotional tickets before everyone else and every time. The deal tickets are opened first for Stripes members to purchase for a period and then later opened to general public.

Scoot Airlines
New kids on the block, this Singapore Airline's low cost long haul carrier has taken off late in 2012 and now offers cheaper flights to destinations like Bangkok, Gold Coast, Tianjin, Taipei, Tokyo and Sydney.

Jetstar Asia Airways

Also headquartered in Singapore, Jetstar Asia Airways offers cheap flights to or from Singapore. You can check this low cost carriers web site for the deals: Cheap Flight Specials and Airfare Deals - Jetstar Singapore.

Jetstar Airways also flies cheap long haul flights from Singapore to Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney.

Lion Air

 Indonesia’s largest privately run airline Lion Air flies to cities within Indonesia and to Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. You can access their flight promotions from their promotion page.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is a full cost carrier and is not known to be a budget or cheap flight option from Singapore. Still, Singapore Airlines special offers page worth to take a look at. We could, a few times, find promotions not significantly higher than budget airlines and flew with the top class service of Singapore Airlines.


Lufthansa was not in my list of airlines until a friend flew from Belgium to Singapore with it. As he suggested me, I have registered to its mailing list and I see them offering relatively cheap flights to Europe from Singapore. I have personally not tried them but my friend highly recommended Lufthansa. He was also very pleased to fly with their Airbus A 380 on the route.

You can check Lufthansa's flight offers from this web page.

Qatar Airways

Gulf carrier Qatar Airways is a full service carrier and offers one of the best promotional flight deals from Singapore. Qatar Airways cheap flights to Europe from Singapore has been my first choice in the past few years thanks to the price and quality service.


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