Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Amalayer lady video went viral

An amateur video of an angry train commuter, who later have been identified as Paula Jamie Salvosa, who went ballistic at the LRT Santolan Station ( a station on the Manila LRT Purple Line) yelling at a lady guard over the passenger’s failure to follow security procedures went viral in worldwide and in the Philippines on Tuesday evening.

According to the eye witnesses, Salvosa (amalayer lady) has forgot to put her her bag on the X-ray machine for security check and after being warned by the security officer, Sharon Mae Casinas, she has started to demand an apology from her. The video, taken by cellphone by 
taken by one Gregory Llamoso, soon went viral.

“So now you’re making me look like a liar. So I’m, a liar? So you’re telling me I’m a liar? I’m a liar? I’m a liar?” she has repeatedly said. After the video has been put on the internet, Salvosa's pronunciation of "I'm a liar," AMALAYER, started to trend up in Singapore based searches and in Twitter the hashtag #AMALAYER trended up both worldwide and in the Philippines.

Some has criticized the rude behavior of amalayer lady while some said the guard must have done something to offend her. But according to LRTA investigation, Amaladyguard Sharon Mae Casinas's only mistake to draw all those rude nagging was doing his job: stopping amalayer lady from entering the station without having her bag inspected.

Watch AMALAYER video

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  1. Amalayer video is one of the famous video that make more people watched this. Because of a girl who fight with the lady guard in LRT.