Saturday, November 2, 2013

Best Travel Tips for South East Asia

#1 Buy Travel Insurance
And make sure that it covers what you are planning to do. Prices in South East Asia such as Thailand and Vietnam may look cheap but hospitalization in these countries are very expensive. Of course do not step into expensive Singapore without travel insurance at all. And if you want to do something 'extreme' like skuba diving, try to find a travel insurance covering that one.

#2 Save on Flights
Join mailing-lists or follow Facebook pages of major budget airlines in the region such as JetStar Asia, AirAsia, Tigerair and Scoot for regular promotions.

#3  Save on hotels
Book online before arriving to your South East Asia destination. The prices on online booking sites are usually cheaper than the ones in the receptions. Use, they are "THE" online hotel price comperison site for Asia and Pacific region.

#4 Use Wikitravel
Web based collaborative travel guide WikiTravel is relatively unknown but it has fantastic articles on countries in South East Asia. Years ago you needed a Lonely Planet book in your hand but now all you need is a downloaded pages of WikiTravel in your phone or laptop. You can save a lot of time and money using WikiTravel tips (always read how to go to city from airport as well as stay safe sections).

#5 Stay near public transportation
In Singapore, stay in hotels near MRT Stations. In Bangkok, stay in hotels near BTS Skytrain, MRT Station or river.

#6 Pay attention to fine details
Ensure you have six months plus validity remaining on your passport or risk being turned away at customs. If you are hiring a car check if you need International Driving Permit. Take photos of your passport, visas, credit card and insurance policy for your reference.

#7 Staying connected
Make sure that your phone does not fall into auto-roaming in a foreign land which will cost you thousands back home. Buy and use local phone cards.

#9 Start shopping from top
If you go into a shopping mall, start exploring it from the top floors where shops catering to locals and tourists are usually located. First one or two floors in many shopping malls are occupied by shops determined to overcharge tourists.

#10 Stay safe
Before heading to your South East Asian destination, search for "stay safe in ..." so that you have some idea about dangers and scams. In South East Asia it is more scam than danger. You can also check Staying Safe section of WikiTravel. 

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  1. Southeast Asia nice place with all kind of tourist attractions.