Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dental Implant In Singapore

I have visited a dentist today for a tooth ache. This tooth is just above an empty spot where there was a tooth before 5 years ago. And unfortunately I have also another missing tooth just in another lower jaw place. When you have a missing tooth you have 3 alternatives to replace it: (a) economic but uncomfortable and removable denture, (b) 3 unit bridge which requires to carve 2 healthy teeth for a missing one and (c) expensive but real-like single tooth implant. For me, implant looks only option since the teeth next to missing ones are healthy and I do not want to touch them.

But my aching tooth got longer since there was nothing pressing on it from below and to have an implant I need to either (a) use a short dental implant and do nothing on the longer upper tooth or (b) place a normal implant and then shorten the upper tooth. This will of course require an additional crown job on the shortened tooth and increase the price.

I have previously checked the cost of dental implant in Singapore from internet. According to Singapore Dental Health Foundation, the cost of dental implants range from S$ 3500 - 6000 depending on the complexity of the procedure. The jaw bone can be so thin or soft, the gum tissue can be thin and inadequate and the implants range from a single teeth implant to a full jaw implant. Actually, dental implant cost vary a lot in Singapore (and probably elsewhere on the world). The most important factor is the experience of the dentist of course, you would probably would like to have a quality job with quality material with something attached to your bones for life.[1]

When I have asked how much would an implant cost to me, this dentist honestly told me that it is expensive and an experienced dentist will charge 5,000 SGD per implant (I think per tooth he meant). He told me if I know a good dentist back in my country, it may be much cheaper to have a dental implant there. He advises his clients from India and China to have the procedure there to have affordable prices. It is of course very important to have access to good dentists since some implants cost $400 - $500 back in India but that looks unsafely cheap given the fact that a reasonable large titanium is required for a quality implant.

[1] - Dental Cost


  1. Why don't u do at Johor? It should be cheaper by 30% to 40%.

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