Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Freddie Mercury 20th anniversary of his death

"How would you like to be remembered?"

"Oh I don't know. I haven't thought about it yet ... dead and gone. I don't really think about it. It is up to them. I am dead who cares? I don't".[Freddie Mercury]

It has been 20 years this Parsi boy from India, born as Farrokh Bulsara, lived as a stage god named Freddie Mercury, the best live performer and probably the most colorful man ever walked on the earth, died. His legendary gig of Live Aid 1985, where 72,000 people clapped, sang and swayed with him, was the greatest live performance in the history of rock music. Today is 20th anniversary of his departure, he died at the age of 45 in 24 November 1991 from the complications of AIDS.

It has been years since I have listened to Mercury's great voice, dancing all over four octave range. I do not know what made me suddenly remember him and listen to Queen's greatest hits today, 20 years after his death. I have found this Official 65th Birthday video in YouTube.

Freddie Mercury - The Official 65th Birthday Video

"The Show Must Go On" (below) was written by Brian May and the song chronicles the effort of Freddie Mercury continuing to perform despite approaching the end of his life (Mercury died short after it's release as a single):

"In October the band released their single The Show Must Go On, with the B-side Keep Yourself Alive. As Freddie expected, the press weren't slow to report its questioning, haunting lyrics. They speculated on possible hidden meanings in lyrics like "What are we living for? and "I'll soon be turning round the corner now" at a time when he looked so frail. To me, the most autobiographical line was: "My make-up may be flaking but my smile still stays on." That was true. No matter how ill Freddie felt, he never grumbled to anyone or sought sympathy of any kind. It was his battle, no one else's, and he always wore a brave face against the ever-increasing odds against him."[1]

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