Saturday, November 26, 2011

Singapore's First Dating Academy

There is no more excuse to not be a master in art of dating and love and sleep alone night after night. Singapore now has her first dating academy, directed by a retired National University of Singapore professor, David Tian. Aura Dating (cool name for a dating academy), directed by Dr. Tian, offers 4,500 SGD courses as weekly classes but there are practical assignments (Welcome to the fight club).

Dr. David Tian had his Ph.D. in University of Michigan on Asian Cultures and in 2008 moved to Singapore to teach philosophy in NUS before starting the academy. He says that his academy is different than other dating teaching academies because his academy develops a client's skills with a relatively long course while others usually offer boot camp style short courses:

"There is a one year follow up program, where we take a guy and help him to grow skills in each stage like learning social intelligence, emotional intelligence, creating a relationship and succeeding in that area." [1] Aura Dating Academy’s main clients are male currently, and has more than 60 students from Singapore and around the region. There are plans expand its curriculum to serve women.[2]:

“We’re different from the ‘pick-up artists’ and dating coaches that try to teach men how to have one-night stands. And we differ from the dating agencies, which mainly act as matchmaking services,” says Executive Director and Master Mentor David Tian, Ph.D., a former professor at the National University of Singapore. “Our mission is to equip people with the social skills, social intelligence, and social confidence to succeed in their relationships. Being good at dating is just one aspect of being good with people in general.”

A dating and lifestyle consultant for over five years, Dr. Tian’s one-on-one coaching programs cost up to S$25,000 (US$20,500). Aura Dating Academy also boasts female dating mentors on its staff, some of whom have over three years experience helping clients get dates.[3]

You can listen to a detailed interview with David Tian, by Will X on 938 LIVE radio, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4.

Singapore's First Dating Academy Aura Dating
Dr. Tian
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