Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Singaporean women want?

You can roughly divide the list of "qualities women look for when choosing a man as a partner" into three categories:
1 - those qualities women think they want,
2 - those qualities the man on the street thinks the women want,
2 - those qualities women say they want,
3 - and those qualities women really want.

First group of qualities are listed by media and "specialists" again and again in the press or on the TV. Second group of qualities are those you will hear from man without any clue about the woman psychology. Third group will come directly from women if you ask the question. The last list, the one that really matters, is usually thought to men by "school of life" with occasional hearth breaks.

If you rely on the answers to the survey of dating agency Lunch Actually, Singaporean women want taller, well-built man, who is also earning more than them (of course they probably also tick, "kind", "honest", "romantic", etc.):

"It was also found that Singaporean men were more likely to date women who have a higher level of education, with 81 per cent of respondents indicating they would. Among men in Hong Kong and Malaysia, only 73 per cent and 77 per cent respectively would do so.

Only 30 per cent of Singaporean women, on the other hand, would date a man who is less educated, while 46 per cent of women from Hong Kong and 27 per cent of Malaysian women would do the same.

When asked if they would date someone who earns less than them, 27 per cent of Singaporean women indicated they would, while 76 per cent of men would date a woman who earns more."[1]
Singapore women
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Asian women in general are relatively conservative compared to western women. I am not talking about the sexual life, I am talking mindset. They tend to see a man as a provider and their salary as complementary, even if they are earning quite well. So these findings, all associated to man as a better provider, are not very surprising. But it is also quite encouraging that a lot of woman also do not care about these traits, since woman caring too much about all these also tend to be very close minded and boring.

On the other hand, ask a man on the street this question, that man will probably say "Singaporean woman want rich man". Although some women in Singapore as some woman in the other parts of the world would put money first to be a honey, you can go out in a normal day and count many woman hand to hand with ordinary, not-so-rich man. As long as the man is cool enough, these media listed "what women want" list, as well as the money, are not very meaningful features.

[1] - Singaporean women still prefer taller men 

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