Saturday, November 12, 2011

F1H2O Nations Cup Race in Marina Bay Reservoir

2 months after 2011 F1 Grand Prix of September 2011 on the Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore is preparing to host another kind of F1, this time in the large water reservoir of Marina Bay; F1H2O Nations Cup. in November 19 and 20 2011, F1H2O powerboats, which can hit 200 km per hour on water thanks to their cutting edge hulls and engines. F1H2O Powerboat World Championship Series is similar to F1 on the circuit for cars as similar rules apply. Every year the series is held in various parts of the world where teams of different nationalities compete in the Grand Prix[1]:

"On the first day of the two-day race, the drivers will race one-on-one against each other until there are only two drivers left in the final. A boat draw ensures that there is pure equality between the teams- each team picks their boat numbers out of a hat. This is done to make sure that no team makes major changes to the boat, and is to show that the best driver will win. The second day sees the boats competing against the whole field in a group race."[2]

This is not the first time The Powerboat World Championships was held in Singapore. The races were held here in 2003-2005 and now it is coming back.[1]

F1H2O Powerboat - Source : F1H2O Singapore
The Powerboat Racing on the Bay will be held on the 19-20 November, 2011 in Singapore. but there will be activities on November 18th, 19th and 20th such as powerboat free practices, water ski shows and a match race. You can see the program and the activities of the event from here. Singapore will be holding F1H2O NATIONS CUP for 3 years, from 2011 – 2013.

Tickets are available for 35 SGD per person on site and free for kids below 12 years of age.

[1] - F1H2O Singapore
[2] - 20 F1 powerboats to face off in Marina Bay Reservoir

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