Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hail in Singapore on June 2013

Hail in Singapore is already something rare and surprising. But today, after a hailstorm, some were fearful that this rare weather phenomenon in tropics was result of the cloud seeding operations in Indonesia. A National Environment Agency (NEA) spokesman in a media conference cleared the air: The hailstorm which hit certain parts of western Singapore is not toxic.

Although rare, hailstorms happens in Singapore. The last hailstorm in Singapore was reported back in 2008. Any form of rain is highly welcomed in Singapore nowadays because of the hellish haze situation can greatly improve with rain. And one more thing to not worry about: Haze particles are only hazardous when inhaled so if you are wet with a rain under haze, it will not harm you.

Below is a video showing the hailstorm today.

Afternoon thunderstorms are quite common in Singapore where the climate is tropical rainforest climate. 

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