Friday, June 28, 2013

How to really make money from a web site?

I have come accross this article named Web Site as an online passive income generating investment where the writer explains why  most people do not earn a lot from their blog and what is the basic thing to do to increase your income from your blog or web site.

Earning more money from a blog and web site requires a mindset change according to the article where the editor(s) of the site should look at it as a business/investment rather than a pseudo-hobby where they spend their time with no defined money making process and no investment to it at all other than some time.

When they hear “investment”, many people think financial investment instruments as stocks, bonds or assets like property, gold or silver. Investment means putting your money and time into something with the expectation of gain, usually over a longer term. This “something” can be anything and in this article I will introduce an unknown “investment” which can potentially bring quite a high return on investment.
"In my previous article named How To Make Money Online?, I have mentioned that if you create and manage a web site as a chicken coop you will earn a few eggs per day but if you create and manage a web site as a chicken farm, you will earn a truck load of eggs. Many do not make a lot of money from their web sites because they treat their sites or blogs as chicken coops. They try to do everything on their own with their limited time and they only invest time in the sites, not money. In order a web site to bring significant money (eggs) you need a lot of moderate to high traffic, quality articles (good breed, well maintained chickens) and a lot of traffic. In order to do that, you need to create and maintain a web site as an investment not a hobby."
You can continue to read the article here: Web Site as an online passive income generating investment

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