Thursday, June 20, 2013

Haze in Singapore can go on for weeks, masks and air purifier sales are up

Haze in Singapore is getting worse as at one point the Singapore PSI hit a new record of 371, making yesterday the most hazy day in Singapore's history. And in my opinion, today is worse, since the thick smoke can be felt everywhere, in underground MRT stations and tunnels to offices with air conditioning systems.

The best way to protect yourself from haze is to stay indoors as soon as possible. If your air conditioning system has air purification function, also keep it on.

If you really need to stay outside for a long time, you will need a mask. But it seems like everywhere is out of mask stock, especially the N95 masks (a special mask which can filter 95% of particles in air larger than 0.3 micron). On the other hand, indoor air purifier sales are up with the hope that they will work to keep haze outside.

Air purifiers also saw an overwhelming interest amongst concerned consumers. Courts Singapore said sales of its air purifiers tripled compared to last week. It said prices of air purifiers at its stores range from about S$170 to S$1,300. [1]

N95 masks filter 95% of particals with more than 0.3 micron size.
Many online dealers have also started to offer campaign on air purifiers to take advantage of the demand. For example has a Beat The Haze Campaign currently where some quality air purifiers goes on for sale with discount. The products range from a large Sharp Air Purifier from $499 to a tiny USB Air purifier for $12.

 It may be a good idea to invest into something like this since according to Singapore's Prime Minister haze can stay for weeks and even months and it will probably be repeated in the next dry season.

[1] - Sales of face masks increase as Singaporeans take preventive measures against haze

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