Thursday, June 27, 2013

Money Saving Tips for Singapore Frequent Travelers

It has become cheaper for Singaporeans to travel to Japan, Europe and USA thanks to stronger Singapore Dollar. While the strong Singapore Dollar helps, it is still best to find ways to save money on flights, hotels, transportation and even administration fees for attractions.

To help frugal travelers to further stretch their travel budget,, a popular travel website among Singapore residents, has published a list of 15 money saving travel tips at .Here's the summary of the money saving travel tips list:

1. Fly on a Wednesday (because according to FareCompare you can find cheapest flight tickets on Wednesdays)
2. Be prepared to take connecting flights
3. Book with the airline directly
4. Consider couchsurfing
5. Stay at travel rentals
6. Change money at the money changer (not in hotels or ATMS)
7. Register at the Singapore Embassy
8. Sightsee when it's free
9. Eat street food
10. Take the road less traveled
11. Always use public transport
12. Look out for city passes
13. Leave the malls behind
14. Bring a re-usable water bottle
15. Buy travel insurance - delayed and canceled flights could be expensive.

"More than 60 per cent of Singapore's holidaymakers are making two or more overseas trips per year and many of them will love to travel further to destinations in Europe or the USA. Hence, we share these money saving tips to help travelers to stretch their travel budget to afford even more vacations every year," says owner of, Lim Phing Phing.

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