Saturday, June 22, 2013

Where to buy N95 mask in Singapore?

As many, I had a really hard time to find a place to buy N95 mask in Singapore. As haze levels broke a new record by each passing day, mask sales soared in Singapore resulting in "out of stock" signs everywhere in Singapore.

You know, or should know, that the surgical masks are not effective to protect you from haze. The danger of haze is PM 10 particles in the air, particles smaller than 10 micron in size. A more hazardous subset of PM 10 is PM 2.5, particles smaller than 2.5 micron in size. Surgical masks are not effective to filter PM 10. You need a N95 mask, a mask which can filter 95% of all airborne particles larger than 0.3 micron in size.
"Surgical masks are not effective. "N95 masks are far more superior" said respiratory expert Philip Eng. The masks protects you from at least 95% of smoke particles.
After going to several retailers, I started to try my chance online. I could not catch several online sales deals since they went out of stock immediately but yesterday night, I have managed to order a 20 piece pack of N95 masks online from A N95 mask should cost S$1.8 to $3. I paid the top end, $60 per pack! Expensive I know but redemption period was next day. And although it was expensive, it was high in demand. I bought as the deal was showing 20 buyers and 10 minutes after I have successfully completed my order, the deal was  sold out with 156 buyers.

Today, I went to collect the pack from collection point and I am wearing one. It looks quite shiny outside but the PSI is still around 178 and the haze may go on weeks if a rain does not kills the fires.

I have read in Singapore's Straits Times today that they are bringing more masks and releasing them in batches. Just now saw a deal for 3M 95 Masks which was sold out in hours to 1500 people! Probably the packages are not even ordered by the dealer since the redemption period only starts on June 26th!

N95 masks are in very high demand in Singapore. This 20 Pieces of N95 Masks
was put online sales by
According to The Straits Times, Watson's told that it has more than a million masks like this and Guardian said about 50,000 will be distributed to its outlets.

A caution. N95 masks are not certified for kids so it is still better keep them indoors instead of taking them out with N95 masks.   

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