Wednesday, September 12, 2012

iPhone 5 Singapore release date is September 21

As expected Apple has announced iPhone 5, the 6th generation of iPhone, in a media event held at Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts today. And Singapore will be one of the first countries to get iPhone 5 on September 21.[1] As we have just written, these facts about iPhone 5, its announcement date, its naming and its Singapore release date were already leaked.[2] Apple's Senior Vice-President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller revealed Apple was working with SingTel and M1 on making the iPhone 5 compatible with the telcos' respective LTE networks.[3]

Singapore's three telcos, Singtel, Starhub and M1 were fast to announce their iPhone 5 selling dates in Singapore. Singtel announced today that it will start sales of iPhone 5 from Sept. 21. Singtel iPhone 5 prices and subscription plans are not released yet.[4] StarHub also announced that it will offer iPhone 5to customers in Singapore beginning Friday, September 21.[5] You can have more information on Starhub iPhone 5 offers from this web pageiPhone 5 pre-orders begin on Friday Sept 14 2012. And M1 also today announced it will offer iPhone 5 to customers in Singapore beginning Friday, September 21.[6]

The iPhone 5 comes in either white and silver or black and slate. Singapore retail price of iPhone 5 will be S$948 (including GST) for the 16GB model, S$1,088 for the 32GB model and S$1,238 for the 64GB model.

Two good news and an expected bad news for iPhone 5: It comes with Apple's new A6 dual-core processor. This will make iPhone 5 run twice as fast as the iPhone 4S. Battery life is also improved - the iPhone 5's will be able to support eight hours of 4G Web browsing.[3] But the size of the phone's dock connecter has been reduced by 80 per cent so old docking devices will be obsolete without an adapter.

iPhone 5 Singapore release date will be Sep 21. iPhone 5 will be released in
Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Japan,
Hong Kong and Singapore on this date.
Apple was also expected to disappoint since the photos of iPhone 5 were leaked from a vendor. Apple also delivered as expected with the new iPhone being only evolutionary increment instead of a revolutionary device to beat up Samsung's new amazing phones:

The iPhone 5 met the predictions laid out by gadget geeks and tech analysts ahead of the unveiling last night (this morning, Singapore time), but offered few surprises to give Apple shares - already trading near record highs - another major kick. Apple had already telegraphed many of the software changes to expect in iPhone 5 when it debuted iOS 6, its latest mobile operating system, in June. iOS 6 software will be available next Wednesday as a free software update. 
"There is no 'wow' factor because everything you saw today is evolutionary. I do think they did enough to satisfy," said Mr Michael Yoshikami, Chief Executive of Destination Wealth Management.[3]

Samsung now leads the smartphone market with a 32.6 per cent share followed by Apple with 17 per cent, according to market research firm IDC. Both saw shipments rise compared to a year ago, with Samsung riding its flagship Galaxy S III phone.[3] I can count more Samsung's then iPhones since Samsung Galaxy S 3 was released in Singapore and according to the DBS Group Research, Android based phone sales are booming in Singapore in 2012 with 70% of M1's new customers in 2Q12 chose Androids.

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