Wednesday, September 19, 2012

xiaxue pregnant

Singaporean celebrity blogger Wendy Cheng, better known by her pseudonym Xiaxue, has announced that she is pregnant[1] (congratulations by the way) and created an online search craze in this morning. xiaxue pregnantxiaxue topped the google trends Singapore list. Funny part is that thanks to her detailed description of pregnancy and period before her pregnancy, some phrases like withdrawal method (for those who do not know, she is referring to Coitus interruptus a.k.a  withdrawal or pull-out method) has also topped the charts.

Although she and her American husband Mike Sayre had the good news for almost3 months ago she announces the pregnancy today because Chinese traditionally do not announce the pregnancy in the first trimester. As far as I know, most Chinese also do not visit a pregnant woman during this period if they know that she is pregnant.

Xiaxue is a professional blogger (I mean she seems like she earns her life from her blog) and her blog everyone s reading it is visited by 40,000 people every day according to her (quite big number for a blogger of a country with 5 million+ population). Although she mostly writes about products appealing to woman (mostly sponsored advertisements) and her life, she has been in the news several times for other reasons. She has recently sparked national controversy by naming and shaming several man in her blog after they have posted insulting and derogatory comments on one of her photos taken during the run-up to the People's Action Party (PAP) rallies with her fellow bloggers last May.[2] Previously she drew online backlash by an entry condemning a disabled man, who scolded a non-disabled man for using the toilet for the disabled and when she wrote that foreign workers should be banned from Orchard Road, as they were molesting Singaporean girls.

[1] - Expecting... a baby
[2] - Celeb blogger Xiaxue's name-and-shame post sparks debate

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