Friday, September 21, 2012

Nico Lai Ying Yu leaked nude photos

Just almost a month after Justin Lee photo and sex video scandal involving famous Model Maggie Wu, another leaked photo scandal has hit Taiwan. This time Taiwanese artist Nico Lai Ying Yu (賴盈羽) is in the center of the scandal. According to Jayne Stars, 457 nude photos of Lai Ying Yu leaked into internet. A part of leaked nude photos were reportedly taken in a bikini-shoot when Lai Ying Yu was only 17 years old and part of the photos came from an ex-boyfriend's collection.[1]:
Lai Yingyu (Chinese:赖滢羽), with the original name Lai Si Yun (赖思澐), is a Taiwanese model born January 6,1989 in Taipei. Lai Ying Yu, under the name Nico, was a former member of the band Blackie Girls 黑涩会美眉. In September 2012 as many as 457 nude photos of her were leaked online, which are said to be taken when she was only 17 years old before she gained fame.[2]
As expected within a few hours download Lai Ying Yu 500 Nude Photos Leaked kind of links mushroomed on the internet while many forum sites started to share the leaked photos or the download links to the photos (the photo collection I have seen actually had 455 photos not 457). The online community was in heated discussion over the emergence of Ying Yu’s nude photos. Due to the massive quantity of leaked photos, netizens dubbed Ying Yu as a “female sex devil.”[3]. There is also a rumor around that Lai Ying Yu has an explicit nude video in the circulation.

Nico Lai Ying Yu nude photos leaked
In the latest photo scandal in Taiwan, Nico Lai Ying Yu's nude photos are leaked.
Lai Yingyu started modelling at the age of 17 and took sexy bikini photos during a period when she desperately needed money. In an interview, Lai also admitted to having done nude shots on two occasions, but felt "nauseated" afterwards and rejected other offers.[4]

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