Friday, November 15, 2013

Phuket Night Life : Red Light Districts

Phuket is the party capital of Asia with  famous night life and colorful beaches. Patong in Phuket is where the action is and this town is running a very obvious sex industry with its female, transgender and male workers catering to every taste.

Patong has two main red light districts: Bangla Road mainly (but not exclusively) catering to straight sex tourists while Paradise Complex serves to gay customers. In Bangla Road especially 4 sois are where this type of night life is concentrated: Crocodile (also known as Soi Katoey and is full of ladyboys), Eric, Gonzo, and Seadragon. These soid are full of pubs, beer bars and go-go bars.

You will see beer bars along Bangla Road and its sois. The bar girls in these bars are for "hire" to bring somewhere else but if you just want to drink and maybe flirt with s "working" woman here it is quite OK. In fact, most of the crowd you will see in these bars are there for a drink and some fun rather than paying a bar-fine and taking a woman out.

And then comes the go-go bars. These are bars where woman in bikini (and occasionally topless or full nude) dance on a stage with numbers attached to them. All these dancers and most of the woman serving drink there are sex workers and will go with a customer after a bar fine (money paid to the bar to take the woman out).

Go-go bars in Phuket like beer bars are also OK with only drinking and again many customers you will see inside do not barfine the women. Devil's Playground on Soi Seadragon  is probably one of the best Go Go Bars in Patong. Suzy Wong's A Go Go on Soi Seadragon calls herself "Ass Smacking Fun Factory" and is quite a popular Go Go bar. Many go go bars are similar here but one, Moulin Rouge on Soi Vegas, is different where you will watch Russian Girls.

Phuket Night Life : Red Light Districts
Soi Sea Dragon Bars
Bars in Bangla Road are usually open from 21:00 and although the official closing time is 02:00, many stay open until 05:00.

Probably the hottest place in Bangla Road is Soi Seadragon.

Note : All this sex tourism in Phuket can easily be avoided if you stay off Bangla Road.

Where to stay in Phuket?
If you are in Phuket for the red light districts, you will probably stay in Patong. For a detailed guide on the accomodation in Phuket, refer to our where to stay in Phuket post.

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