Thursday, November 14, 2013

Underboob Cosplay in Singapore Anime Festival Asia

A cosplayer dressed as the Ryuko Matoi from popular anime Kill la Kill (キルラキル) wearing a battle gear displaying underboob (Senketsu (鮮血?)) caused an aunty call the Police in Anime Festival Asia (AFA) in Singapore.

You may wander why does an auntie attend an Otaku event. According to HardwareZone commenters, the older woman was apparently attending a church service (or event) in the same convention center and was offended by what she saw.

In the below picture, underboob cosplay can be seen as well as the auntie (on the left hand side of the man with white hair). Here is a photo of the cosplayer in AFA in Ryuko Matoi outfit. It seems like the Police came not because the auntie called them for the girl but they went into a noisy argument.

Ryuko Matoi is the main protagonist of Kill la Kill. She is a 17-year-old vagrant schoolgirl who wields one half of a giant pair of scissors originally belonging to her father's killer, who possesses the other half. Her trademark uniform, Senketsu (鮮血), is a male voiced Kamui and a major character in the anime series Kill la Kill. Appearing as a living sailor uniform, he was created by Isshin Matoi and is found by his daughter Ryūko, becoming her ally in her battle against Satsuki Kiryūinthe.

You can see what Ryuko Matoi looks like in Senketsu (鮮血) below.

Underboob Cosplay in Singapore
Underboob Cosplay in Anime Festival Asia
Photo -
Ryuko Matoi (纏 流子)
Ryuko Matoi (纏 流子)

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