Monday, November 4, 2013

Taiwanese couple caught on camera having sex on train

It seems like young Taiwanese couples like to do it on trains. No, not on sleeper cabins but in public train car seats! Yet another picture of a Taiwanese couple doing it on the train appeared last Friday.

According to Apple News English, a picture showed up on a Taiwanese Facebook group last Friday sparked an online public debate. In the photo a young couple were seen having sex on Taiwan Railways. Although the couple covered themselves with a jacket, but everyone could see what they were doing.

This is not the first time a young couple is cought "doing it" on a Taiwanese train. Last April a video showing a young couple performing oral sex in Taiwan MRT stirred online outcry. Just in September 2013, another photo of a couple having sex on a train in Taiwan has gone viral on the internet.

A local internet user uploaded the photo and said he had taken it while on a train bound for Taitung in eastern Taiwan on the evening of Sept. 7. The photo shows a man with his trousers and underwear pulled down with a woman underneath him. The netizen added that the couple did not seem to care being witnessed by their fellow passengers in flagrante.
Source : Taiwanese couple caught having sex on a train

You can watch the video of the news from Apple News English. Below the video is the photo of the September 2013 sex on the Taiwan train incident.

Couple having sex on the Taiwan train
Sex on the Taiwan train

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