Sunday, December 30, 2012

Boy threatens to bombs in Marina Bay Sands in his Facebook

UPDATE: The 13 years old boy is arrested who allegedly threatened to plant bombs in Marina Bay Sands. Police said the case is classified as a Breach of Prohibition Against False Threats of Terrorist Acts. He cannot be named as he is a minor.

2012 will be remembered by a lot of things in Singapore but it will also be remembered as the year some foreign talents or "Boyforeign talents to be" gone wild year. We have opened the year with a Chinese "foreign talent to be" Sun Xu who called Singaporeans "dogs" on his Weibo account and was closing it with a Filipino foreign talent named Carlos Pestano The Third, who called some Singaporeans "rotten locals" on Facebook. But then this came: According to Singapore media, a boy claims to be from New Delhi, threatened to take "big revenge" on Singapore by planting bombs in Marina Bay Sands and spitting everywhere before he leaves the country. He also made derogatory remarks about the country.

These comments that a boy posted on Facebook have drawn flak from netizens, prompting one of them to lodge a police report after seeing a screengrab of the post on The Real Singapore's Facebook page last Saturday. According to his Facebook profile page - which was taken down yesterday afternoon - the boy claims to be from New Delhi, and received his education at Global Indian International School in Queenstown. 
The school's website states that it takes in students from primary- school level to junior college. From his profile photo, he looks to be in his teens.
Source :  Boy threatens to bomb Marina Bay IR 

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