Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Osaka Hotel offers natural hot spring water in all rooms

3-Star Hanshin Hotel in Osaka Japan (located across the street from Fukushima Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line) may look like your ordinary Japanese business hotel at first sight. Hanshin Hotel is a Western-style Japanese hotel. It is not designed to cater to tourists but to business travelers. But the hotel offers one speciality which will be also very interesting for tourists: all 289 rooms in the building are equipped with exclusive hot spring bath, a bath running natural hot spring water! Yes, in Hanshin Hotel, you can have a nature hot spring bath in your room with a fog free mirror!

When you open the tab in the bathroom of this hotel, your typical white porcelain bathtub will be filled with sulfur-colored water. No need to call the reception, the water according to the hotel management is "pure natural hot spring water with low tonicity and low alkaline levels". Just enjoy your night of personal relaxation.

According to Rocket News 24, the water is perfect and you can find yourself taking several baths in the same day :)

exclusive hot spring bath in Hanshin Hotel
Photo - Rocket News 24
Hanshin Hotel is in Fukushima, one stop, 10 minutes walk, from the JR station in Umeda - at the heart of Osaka. Room prices are from upwards from ¥17,325 per night for a single and ¥20,790 per night for a double room.

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