Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Treechada Petcharat, Internet's most popular transvestite

26-year-old Thai Saknarin Marnyaporn, better known as Poyd or Treechada Petcharat, is internet's most popular transgender according to Asia One. Treechada Petcharat underwent sex reassignment surgery at age 17 and at the age of 19 in 2004, She was crowned Miss Tiffany and Miss International Queen.Miss Tiffany and Miss International Queen is a beauty pageant for transgender people that has been held annually in Pattaya, Thailand since 2004.

She has now a huge number of social media fans as 380,000 people follows her on photo-sharing site Instagram. Almost all of her posts and photos garners up to a few thousand likes and hundreds of comments according to the media.

Poy Treechada Petcharat

Transgender people, called kathoey or katoey in Thailand, are more visible and more accepted (although this does not mean they are totally accepted i.e. discrimination in employment remains rampant ) in Thai culture than transgender or transsexual people are in other countries. Arguably the best-known kathoey in Thailand is the Thai Boxer Nong Thoom, Nong Toom whose story is related in the 2003 film Beautiful Boxer. Bell Nuntita, a contestant of Thailand's Got Talent TV shows, became a YouTube hit when she first performed singing as a girl, and the crowd become amazed when she switches to a masculine voice (see the video below).

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