Friday, December 28, 2012

Santa having his Marilyn Monroe movie moments

After we have met China’s Next Top Model, an old dude who modelled with a a wide range of women’s clothing styles for his granddaughter's online-shop, now we have this: Santa made a brief but memorable appearance at a shopping mall in China to show everyone his new and unfortunate outfit.

The 2.5 m statue depicts Santa reenacting a very famous Marilyn Monroe movie moments from Seven Year Itch where Marilyn's dress blows up as she walks over a subway grate. In front of Dongguan Nan international city mall, a Marilyn Monroe version of Santa Claus has attracted many passers-by. Santa depicted with wind up dresses, exposing white thighs and Blue color small underpants.

The most embarrassing Santa ever! But at least we now know that he is not that fat but his outfit shows him fat.

Chinese have created the most embrassing Santa statue ever.
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