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Laura Ong was dating Michael Palmer and another man

More details about Laura Ong, the woman in Michael Palmer - Laura Ong affair case is emerging.  According to a The Straits Times article in the second page today, Former constituency director of Pasir Ris West Constituency Office, Laura Ong, was 'also dating another man' while involved with Michael Palmer:
According to sources close to Ms Ong, she was in a serious relationship with another man that allegedly began before her affair with Michael Palmer began. 
This relationship apparently began before her involvement with Mr Palmer, as early as two years ago, when Ms Ong started receiving gifts from the man she had met in the Punggol South ward, where he used to be a grassroots volunteer and where she was a constituency director from 2006 to 2011.
 The man, Andy Lim, who is in early 30s, is a logistics manager and had in all likelihood discovered that his lover was dating another man, added the sources close to Ms Laura Ong. A friend of Ms Ong's told The Straits Times that Mr Lim couldn't be contacted since the scandal broke. Source : Laura Ong 'was also dating another man' while involved with Michael Palmer
Laura Ong Michael Palmer Andy Lim
According to media, this is the love triangle that went wrong.
Photo from Singapore Stomp
Ok here is the theory about how Michael Palmer and Laura Ong came to light resulting in the resignation of the MP:

According to the sources closed to Laura Ong, Andy Lim may be the one who has discovered intimate messages between Michael Palmer and Laura Ong and then sent screenshots of these messages to media. A Singapore newspaper, The New Paper, received screen captures of these messages over the weekend and according to the speculation, Michael Palmer has decided to resign after "someone" has sent compelling evidence of the affair Michael Palmer and Laura Ong  to news outlets and possibly to individuals. Mr. Lim possibly discovered that Laura Ong  was dating another man.

Laura Ong's relationship with Andy Lim has started before the affair with Michael Palmer as early as 2 years ago. Laura Ong is married but has separated from her husband.

Speaker of Parliament and Member of Parliament Michael Palmer has resigned this week from both of the positions following his admission today of a relationship with Laura Ong.

Intimate SMSes and e-mails allegedly exchanged between Speaker of Parliament Michael Palmer and People's Association (PA) member Laura Ong have surfaced:

One message, which seemed to have been sent to Ms Ong's smartphone, reads: "Hello darling... I love you loads. More than I sometimes show... Sorry. Love love," while another one says: "But you can't judge our relationship by just what happens on Monday" 
A message, apparently sent by Ms Ong to Mr Palmer, says: "You may not have noticed, but every time we meet on Mondays, the kisses are lesser... the time we spend getting intimate is also lesser." 
There was also a message confirming a booking at the Fairmont Singapore. Source : Exchange of love SMSes between Michael Palmer and Laura Ong revealed
A mystery blog, holding a collection of photos showing Laura Ong on a trip to China with grassroots colleagues, including Mayor of North East District Teo Ser Luck, was also in the spotlight today. The blog,, was created on the same day Michael Palmer resigned and claims that the photos of  Laura Ong are re-posts from various Facebook users, some of which are defunct now.

A few of them showed Teo Ser Luck striking funny poses and Ong laughing along. Mr. Teo yesterday said that the photos were taken during an overseas retreat for staff and volunteers. Laura Ong was also attending the retreat as constituency director where he used to be the MP.

When asked by inSing News about the photos and if he was close to her, Teo, 42, would only say: “She was the constituency director of Punggol South where I was the MP before 2011 General Election until she (was) posted to Pasir Ris West. The photos were taken during a grassroots leaders’ overseas retreat for staff members and volunteers.” 
He added that Ong was “a diligent employee that works well with staff members and volunteers”. 
To questions on Ong’s relationship with Palmer, Teo reserved comment. He is now tasked with overseeing the Punggol East constituency previously under Palmer’s care. Source : Mystery blog surfaces with photos of woman in Palmer’s affair
"I am not related to the parties involved in this incident. Neither do I agree nor disagree with the incident and the parties involved" wrote the blog creator in the disclaimer. "Posting the photos is tantamount to uploading them on Facebook – it does not suggest anything with regards to the incident that is mentioned in any newspaper article" he has continued. 

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