Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Singaporean girls are sweet & angelic girlfriends! Or.......are they?

A YouTube video named Sh*t Singaporean Girlfriends Say has gone viral on social media with gathering 151,612 views since it has been uploaded on December 16th. The video clearly exaggerates what a typical Singaporean girlfriend say and dobut nevertheless it must have hit a nerve among boyfriends - and girlfriends in Singapore.

"Singaporean girls treat their boyfriends like slaves. Carry my bag, get me a drink, no you can't hang out with your buddies", said a commentator. But for some Singaporean girlfriend is nothing like the girl pictured in the video. "It should be sh*t bad Singaporean girlfriends say, not all Singaporean girls are like that, and not all boyfriends are henpecked. I hope people don't take it too seriously," said 19 years old Student Bettina Lee.

If you have not been to this side of the world, carrying the woman bag episode is a fact in Singapore which is from time to time hotly debated here. It was a trend somehow and fortunately I see less man doing it compared to a couple of years ago. My wife when she was my girlfriend demanded me to do that when she has seen it in Singapore. After many arguments which revolves around how not gentleman I am and how I let her carry a heavy bag while my hands were empty, I have started to carry a large, empty backpack and whenever she has requested me to carry her bag, I have stuffed it into the backpack to carry (she has never requested it again).

Here is the video. The video is produced by a group of cinematographers/editors. Written, directed and edited by married couple Ryan Tan & Sylvia Chan the video features Chan Sikeen as the boyfriend in desperate need of help and Berlin Ng as crazy bipolar girlfriend.

After the video went viral, the director of the video released a statement in the above section of the video:
Please take this skit as a pinch of salt, we didn't expect it to go viral and we didn't mean to offend anyone, it is obviously exaggerated and meant to exemplify certain traits we see in girls, MOST girls we know aren't even like this, certainly not our actress or actors! We did this for entertainment purposes and not specifically targeting anyone in particular. 
Lastly, please, if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all, otherwise, we thank you for your overwhelming support to this video, its great to see that the majority of the people actually have a sense of humor :)
Of course not all, even not many of the girls here are like the one in the video (and video is quite exaggerated) but I see a couple somehow like this quite often especially the handbag and opening the door parts.

Also do not miss the Sh*t Asian Girls Say video which went viral in late 2011. It says "Asian Girls" but most in the video can be applied to all the girls around the world :)

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