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Cheap Serviced / Studio Apartments in Singapore: Heritage Apartments

Are you looking for a cheap serviced/studio apartment in Singapore? An apartment which will not suck much of the blood out of your budget. First of all the bad news: There is nothing like cheap or budget serviced apartment in Singapore. Actually even putting cheap and accommodation in Singapore in the same sentence looks quite funny. But not funny indeed. You should say "cheaper", "relatively budget" here, maybe under 4,000 - 5,000 SGD per month depending on the apartments type.

If you need to stay in Singapore for a relatively short time, for example a few weeks, a budget hotel would better serve you. But if you need temporary accommodation for a longer period of time measured in months, let's say until you find your dream rental unit in Singapore after a relocation or maybe while studying MBA (if you still have money left after paying a huge sum to MBA), a budget serviced apartment Singapore may suit your needs. But they are not easy to find. Because the demand for cheaper serviced apartments in Singapore is very high with high tourist and business traveler numbers making hotel stay very expensive.

We have previously covered 2 options for cheap serviced apartments in Singapore at the lower end of the price range : Kembangan Lodge and Platinum@ Geylang. Today we will cover another serviced apartment provider on the higher price range which has nice properties in central locations: Heritage Apartments. As the name implies, The Heritage Apartments manages properties which are located in heritage buildings that have been gazetted under conservation status to preserve the heritage and history of that area. But do not worry, the interior of the apartments have a very modern design and they are fully furnished.

They have 3 beautiful and central locations to choose among: Robertson Quay, Club Street and City Hall. They provide studio apartments (approximate Size: 300 to 480 sq ft), one bedroom apartments (approximate Size: 500 to 520 sq ft), duplex apartments (approximate Size: 500 to 580 sq ft) and triplex apartments (approximate Size: 750 sq ft). All these locations are minutes away from central business district, close to night spots, restaurants and places of interest of Singapore and walking distance to public transportation and MRT hubs. And for serviced apartments in these locations, they are reasonably priced.

Serviced apartments at Robertson Quay are located in a 3-storey heritage building that was built in 1924 by Sir Manasseh Meyer, one of Singapore's richest tycoons in the 1900s. The property offers studio deluxe type of accomodation which is and the rental starts from SGD 4,800 per month (3900 USD per month).

Cheap serviced apartments in Singapore
Heritage serviced apartments
Serviced apartments at Club Street are located just minutes from the Central Business District (CDB). The property offers:
Studio Single (less than 300 sq ft)  for rental from SGD 3,200 / month
One-Bedroom Apartment  (approximately 500 sq ft) for rental from SGD 4,800 / month and,
Triplex Apartment (approximately 750 sq ft) for rental from SGD 5,600 / month.

Third location at City Hall offers:
Studio Single Approximate Size: ~ less than 300 sq ft Rental: From SGD 3,500/mth
Studio King Approximate Size: ~ less than 300 sq ft Rental: From SGD 3,900/mth
Studio Deluxe Approximate Size: ~ 320 to 400 sq ft Rental: From SGD 5,000/mth
Duplex Apartment Approximate Size: ~ 500 to 580 sq ft Rental: From SGD 5,600/mth

You can go to for more details. The web site says that is not a real estate agent and no commission is involved if you book your apartments directly through them.

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